Zeus / Jupiter.

Image taken by me of the Sky Father Zeus on my Personal Altar

Another Divine interpretation of the Indo European Sky Father Dyēus Phter. The example of the father, husband, ruler, and masculinity be itself. Often also seen as synonymous with the sun and solar tradition. Whether the examples are of certain morality or of interpretations of the divinity within life the sky father is the predominantly the keeper of the balance between chaos and order. A balance that the world could use right now.

Oh Zeus, father Zeus, Yours is the Kingdom of Heaven, and you watch men’s deeds, the crafty and the right, and You are who cares for beasts’ transgression and justice.
–Archilochus, Fragment 177

Does this sound familiar?
Just because Christianity adopted and changed Dyēus Phter to meet their own intentions, doesn’t mean we should stray away from the King of the Gods. The sky father. Whether seen as an archetype or a reflection of the actual King of the Heavens through Zeus, Odin / Tyr, Indra, The Hindu Trimūrti , or various others in the Indo-European and European pagan traditions, Dyēus Phter is an important governing figure to European Paganism.
Hammer and Vajra
–Zachary Gill