A family Blót

Hail the Aesir and Vanir!
Hail Odin (Wotan)!
We lift our horns filled with mead as symbol of sacrifice. Just as Odin sacrificed himself on the sacred tree Yggdrasil, and gave his eye for wisdom. We too will take the responsibility to self sacrifice by offering to the Gods and performing duties to maintain and protect our folk and family. We will strive and give up what is needed for wisdom like Odin has by example.
Hail Thor!
Protector of man. Performing the duty and responsibility of fighting the forces of chaos embodied by the Jhotunn to maintain the balance.
We wear our hammers with pride. As representation of our folk and resolve to our duty and responsibilities.
We ask Odin for guidance to wisdom and Thor for protection and guidance to achieve strength within us.
Casting the rune Uruz for strength.
And Sowilo for the power of the life giving sun and guidance as we seek guidance.

Hávamál reading about self achievement and responsibility.

8. Happy is he who wins for himself fair
fame and kindly words; but uneasy is that which a man with own while it lies in another’s breast.

Hammer and Vajra!

Indo-European Norse


Stripping the trappings of the Christian overtones from the recently converted, the true nature of this book resounds. While it may be considered superstition, using bindrunes and symbols to help connect you mentally and spiritually with the Gods and your inner connection to the all can assist with inner will power and strength. Magic is at least mind over matter and the force of will with the Wyrd. This is how our ancestors used it and this book is a good way to start.