Political Self-improvement

In regards to asking questions

When you ask questions you are labeled either as a moron or as the enemy, depending on who you talk.

You question history?
Then you are a conspiracy theorist.
You question science?
Then you are quack or a cultist.

You question certain things that are considered taboo today?
You are a racist, bigot, homophobe, anti-Semite.
You question things that are traditionally taboo?
You are a rebel, degenerate, outlaw.
You question the accepted religion?
You are either a sinner, a heretic or an outcast.
You actually believe in religion and faith as is traditional and not aligned with the agenda being pushed on you?
You are a fundamentalist or a radical.

I’m pretty tired of labels

Always question anything that threatens you and yours no matter who you are.
Always question what doesn’t flow with the natural laws.
Always question what makes you weaker and doesn’t lead towards greatness or enlightenment
The Sword of Wisdom will cut through ignorance.
The truth will always shine through like the sun regardless of the question being asked.
Hammer and Vajra!

Photo: Acala at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Singapore.
Source of Photo: Wikipedia
Picture of Forseti: Forseti Seated in Judgment (1881) by Carl Emil Doepler