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“The Maid of Orléans”

I don’t tend to use this page for political purposes,
But seeing how fearless woman was shot standing up to a tyrannical government on the 6th I feel it is appropriate to mention how the 6th is also Saint Jeanne d’Arc “The Maid of Orléans” (French: La Pucelle d’Orléans).

Jeanne was a French farmer girl who lived during the 100 years war between Britain and France. During this period of turmoil she would go to her father’s garden. She would pray and said she had received images and messages from the St. Michael (Arche Angel Michael) as well as other saints and even God himself.

She was thought to be so in-tuned with God and these spirits that she had cried at the loss of their presence after their departure from speaking with her.

France at the time was losing the war and the people were fearing for the worse. After a few ordeals she joined the war effort as she said she was told to by God.

She inspired as a figured head and personally led victorious battles for her people. She was considered by many to be a savior figure, and a hero. Some think she embodied the spirit of the Holy mother.

That was until post war when they decided that her “usefulness” was up and her ability to talk directly to God and Angels was “witch craft”.

She was burnt at the stake.

Did she speak to Angels and saints?
Did she hear the voice of the Sky father (God, Deus, Gaut) ?

I like to think she was spiritually in-tune and may have heard voices of God and spirits, maybe the Earth Mother herself which she interpreted in the context of the local religion.

However the true question is ; was she a hero?

It doesn’t matter that she was French and you are English, or German or any flavor of Indo-European or other It doesn’t matter that she was Catholic, and you are Protestant or Pagan. Her ability to stand up for what she felt was right, speak with the divine on her own, and fight against what she felt was tyranny and oppression.

For that she is a Saint, a Martyr, and a Heroine.

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Zeus / Jupiter.

Image taken by me of the Sky Father Zeus on my Personal Altar

Another Divine interpretation of the Indo European Sky Father Dyēus Phter. The example of the father, husband, ruler, and masculinity be itself. Often also seen as synonymous with the sun and solar tradition. Whether the examples are of certain morality or of interpretations of the divinity within life the sky father is the predominantly the keeper of the balance between chaos and order. A balance that the world could use right now.

Oh Zeus, father Zeus, Yours is the Kingdom of Heaven, and you watch men’s deeds, the crafty and the right, and You are who cares for beasts’ transgression and justice.
–Archilochus, Fragment 177

Does this sound familiar?
Just because Christianity adopted and changed Dyēus Phter to meet their own intentions, doesn’t mean we should stray away from the King of the Gods. The sky father. Whether seen as an archetype or a reflection of the actual King of the Heavens through Zeus, Odin / Tyr, Indra, The Hindu Trimūrti , or various others in the Indo-European and European pagan traditions, Dyēus Phter is an important governing figure to European Paganism.
Hammer and Vajra
–Zachary Gill