In defense of the Helm of Awe (Aegishjalmur)

Often people who are interested in “Viking” culture will get the Aegishjalmur as tattoo or printed on an item as a talisman for protection. This is used as a cultural designator of their “Viking” or Norseness. On the Other hand those who are in opposition of this usage will be pushy in their denial stating how it is found in a “Christian” mystic books and references and how it is a form of Solomonic magic. This is rightfully so that they say this given the forms of alchemy and hermetic faiths that went with Christian mysticism of the time.
To this I raise you the Ashtanga yantra. This Yantra (a meditative seal or image) is often said to have the same properties.

Here is a quote regarding this Yantra.
“Ashtanga yantra is the yantra that detains the word in the mouth of the enemy.” Ashtanga yantra is a real shield of protection, backed into the archetypes of the collective unconscious.

The spears of this Yantra are that of Shiva’s Trishula and the lay out matches much of the same. One should also note that other Yantra and Mandala share similarities with “Abrahamic” magic symbols and properties.

While the Seals and Keys of Solomon are attributed to the ancient wise king and his powers given to him by God, one must note that the surfacing of many of these came around the 16th century in Europe (though the type of seal predated it by far during early Christian worship and other Alchemical texts). They incorporated a lot of Greek magical influences as well. The Greek Gods (Planets) were often invoked as well as Greek mythos being in the form of “demons”.

While it is stated that this Yantra predates the other symbols it is something I cannot prove. However, what I can speculate is the Persian Indo-Iranic influence. Alchemy itself had a heavy Mideast and at times Persian influence to it (sometimes Islamic sourced). It isn’t a hidden fact that Judaism heavily incorporated elements from Persian religion and later Greek. The rest of these western symbols are heavily influence by Kabbalah. Kabbalah took a lot of sources from other religious contexts at the time (possibly Gothic in Spain, Steppe Khazar and Greco-Roman) as did Alchemy. Not to mention the worship and reverence to the 3 Magi in Christian mysticism and Gnosticism which gives a Persian element as well.

Persia, Greek and India (Bactrian Kingdoms, Alexander the Great, Kushan Empire, etc) all had close ties.

So minus the Hebrew texts in any Solomonic or otherwise Magical seal, and add in Greek, Slavonic, Runes, or some sort of Indic script, then change the invocations to the element and God to which would be appropriate in an Indo-European context…and what is keeping either symbol from being just as Indo-European as the one beside it? (Picture related)

Don’t let somethings possible connection to another religion, especially if it is the most “Pagan” or Indo-European aspect of that religion (such as some Christian mysticism) keep you from enjoying and understanding the depths of a symbol or a tradition.

Poetic Edda Fáfnismál Stanza 16
The Helm of Awe
I wore before the sons of men
In defense of my treasure;
Amongst all, I alone was strong,
I thought to myself,
For I found no power a match for my own.

Hammer and Vajra!
Written by Zachary Gill 05 January 2020


Science and Religion: Playing God with Mother Earth. Also the divine elements.

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There has been a real issue with people playing God as of late. From the Chinese government messing with the Human Gnome and genetic manipulation. To certain injections I won’t speak of here that want to have a direct effect your DNA replication for a “holistic” purpose. I think one of the largest issues with modern “science” is its lack of connection to the divine. Divinity, creation, spirituality, and esotericism should not be separate from the scientific understanding, approach, or methodology. In fact I will go out on a limb and say that I promise among some deep recesses of researchers you don’t know about that a spiritual connection is there, though maybe not in a Dharmic way. The Church being anti science and what became science stripping itself from spirituality and into the realm of atheism by default is a major issue. In esoteric and mystic understanding both should go together. The elements in the periodic table are representative of deeper divisions of elements within spiritual concepts. The atoms and molecules that make up life vibrate with the different frequencies that all make up the divine and are just as intrinsic to our connection to God as to the physical sciences. That which is scientific formula and which is so called Alchemy / Magic shouldn’t be seen as mutually exclusive. Often in the universe 5 elements are primarily considered. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Aether. In an esoteric concept, that I might have been influenced or inspired from Guido Von List and other Mystics, Wind (Sky), Water, and Fire are the three aspects of the Godhead. Be this Zeus / Neptune / Hades, Odin / Vili / Ve, Brahma / Shiva / Vishnu, or any other understanding. Each of them as a consort / companion queen who is an aspect of the Earth Mother / Goddess. They are connected to each other and to her via Aether making 5 elements in all or the pentagram. Through their copulation the physical extensions are given birth or dreamed into being like a tantric spell. In my opinion this is basic understanding and a lot of both spiritual practices and religious traditions as well as the in-depth sciences (be it natural, chemistry, computer, etc.) are inline with this understanding. If your science defeats God then your understanding of God is wrong. If your God defeats all science then your science is weak. The Divine give birth to science and science should lead back to the greater inner connected divine.

Hammer and Vajra!

Written by Zachary Gill 16 December 2020.

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