Amor Fati

Amor Fati. While it may be ugly somethings in life must be accepted, faced head-on, dealt with a smile, and utilized to continue the cycle. Escaping the cycle will just lead to a higher cycle in which Amor Fati will renew its meaning once again. Remember it’s not an excuse to accept degeneracy, mediocrity, and the status quo. —Zach Gill #hammerandvajra

Indo-European Norse Vedic

Hammer and Vajra Project Start!

Starting my new project off. Have tried so before. However now I do so with a renewed focus on life. Been getting off track and in my search the Gods have put forth a beacon of guiding light within the darkness the was closed around me. I see now the darkness for what it is, and the light for what it is. And how both need each other to exist. Thereby I forge my path forward guided by my ancestors but voyaging to the unknown for the sake of my family and kin. Life gives you problems, and there is a lot of falsehoods intermixed with the truth. In this modern age everyone is trying to sell you their angle. This causes problems for the souls of each and every one of us. The solution isn’t political. The solution is spiritual, metaphysical and physical alchemy put forth in a concoction that creates Gold within us that shines outwards too.
運命(さだめ)の鎖を断ち切り. “Cut the Chains of Fate” that this Empire and the manipulative people have placed on you. The true fate (Wyrd) is more karmatic. Weaved from spiritual conception but changed by our actions. #hammerandvajra