Hammer and Vajra is an Indo-European and esoteric spiritual focused project created as a guideline for those Pagans and Heathens lost in this modern world but craving the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors. Creating a Yin Yang (陰陽) dualistic balancing act of adapting to the modern while incorporating the ancient and natural, embracing the masculine while respecting the feminine. Fighting the dark while accepting its merits.  Leading fulfilling lives that have communion with the Gods and our ancestral wisdom while existing in this silicone enslaved society.

At Hammer and Vajra we acknowledge that enlightenment isn’t for the weak. It isn’t for the weak of mind, the weak of spirit, nor the weak of body.  No enlightenment is forged without blood, meditations on spiritual esoteric concepts that will leave you dumbfounded, and a strive for life.

We are Hammer and Vajra. Men and Women tempered with the Hammer of the Gods into the Diamond like Vajra to pierce through the lies and embrace our true potential. —Zach Gill, Hammer and Vajra!


As a Group our goal is to hammer and mold each and every member into a better, more enlightened, and stronger being.  This will be the mixture of a Warrior’s body and determination, a philosopher’s mind, and a mystic’s spirits.  These methods will be done through a physical, spiritual and philosophical program which will include Physical Exercise / Self Defense Survival / Combat, Indo-European Rites and Rituals based on ideals of our Ancestors, as well as meditation, study of philosophy and Mysticism and our ancestral histories.

Our Tribe / Kindred is that of Indo-European heritage with a focus on the European and Northern European and some Slavic aspects. This includes cultural history and customs handed down throughout the ages. While traditional Iranian, Hindu, and Eastern cultures may be referenced and honored it is not our primary focus or expertise at this moment. There is no judgment based off of one’s skin color. We are not the blood police. It is not our place to tell an individual that they do not have enough of a percentage of Indo-European blood to be a member. However, we are a Tribal and Ancestry based group and those who are not of this descent might feel a bit out of place. Also, it might be more useful to them to discover and honor their own tribal ancestry. Also, we are not a Viking LARP group or Ayran Pure blood group.  Having more Scandinavian blood than another member does not make you more of an expert, even if you are 100% and from those countries. Indo-European and Germanic culture is beyond that of the Vikings alone.    

Cattle die, kindred die, 
Every man is mortal:
But I know one thing that never dies, 
The glory of the great dead

Havamal 77


(These apply to the Facebook Page as well as to the Group and Organization at Large)

  1. FRITH: While Frith could be taken as a form of virtue in itself. Though Frith alone was very important to our Indo-European Ancestors especially those who were Ethnically Germanic / Norse. It could be said that Frith was a major ideal which the basis of much Germanic society if not a majority of Western ideals stems from. A good description of Frith is “Derived from Old English friðu, friþ, it is cognate to Old Norse friðr, Old High German fridu, German Friede, Dutch vrede, West Frisian frede, Icelandic friður, Common Scandinavian fred (all with meanings similar to “peace” or “calm”) and also root-cognate to friend.

Frith Culture: “In terms of Anglo-Saxon and post-Anglo-Saxon culture, the term has a considerably broader scope and meaning. Frith has a great deal to do not only with the state of peace but also with the nature of social relationships conducive to peace. Moreover, it has strong associations with stability and security.

In Swedish, two different words with different meanings have developed from this word, the words fred (state of no war) and frid (state of no disturbance) and also the expression that something is “fredat/fredad” more or less “peaced” denoting things that are not to be touched such as animals not to be hunted or flowers not to be picked. The English word became obsolete in the Middle English period but survived into the 17th century in the compound frith-silver “feudal payment”. Quoted from Wikipedia on 3JUN2018. In terms of Anglo-Saxon and post-Anglo-Saxon culture, the term has a considerably broader scope and meaning. Frith has a great deal to do not only with the state of peace but also with the nature of social relationships conducive to peace. Moreover, it has strong associations with stability and security.

The word friþgeard meaning “asylum, sanctuary” was used for sacrosanct areas. A friþgeard would then be any enclosed area given over to the worship of the gods. Seating oneself on a frith-stool was sometimes a requirement for claiming sanctuary in certain English churches. Frith is also used in the context of fealty, as an expression of the relationship between a lord and his people. Frith is inextricably related to the state of kinship, which is perhaps the strongest indicator of frith. In this respect, the word can be coterminous with another significant Anglo-Saxon root-word, sib (from which the word ‘sibling’ is derived) – indeed the two are frequently interchanged. In this context, frith goes further than expressing blood ties, and encompasses all the concomitant benefits and duties which kinship engenders.  Frith also has a legal significance: peace was effectively maintained in Anglo-Saxon times by the frith-guild, an early manifestation of summary justice. In the post-Conquest poem Rime of King William, a deorfrið (literally animal-frith) referred to one of the royal forests set up by William the Conqueror, probably the New Forest in particular. Stefan Jurasinski argued that frið here could have carried the legal notion of protection (Latin: pax).[3]Quoted from Wikipedia on 3JUN2018.

POLITICIS: While our stances and beliefs may seem to put us in on one side of the political spectrum or the other we are not a political group. How member’s vote or who they stand for politically is up to them. Our focus is on the order and Frith our Tribe / Kindred and our Families. Needless to say, most members will likely fall under the political ideologies that are similar to ones the tribe supports. 

SEXUALITY:  Much of our Focus is on the Tribe both within Hammer and Vajra and the fostering of members own family and kinship. That being said we understand that having a family in this day and age isn’t for everyone and not everyone is of the same sexual preference.  If members are Heterosexual, Homosexual, or Bisexual is not our business.  There will be a focus on a Heterosexual world view, but concepts of sexual esoterica such as Tantric concepts can be discussed but it will maintain Fidelity.  Being faithful to one’s partner no matter who he or she may be, anything outside of that relationship is your business but our Tribe and Kindred is not the platform for it.

Masculinity: We do not agree with the current trends of the feminization of males. We do not believe in so called “Toxic Masculinity”.  We endorse the ancient male concepts of brotherhood, hunter gather, fatherhood, and warrior culture as well as that of sisterhood and maternity. In fact, a return to traditional masculinity will be a major focus of our group for we believe it is the grounds for a close family and a strong society / tribe.

Feminism:   Both Genders should have Equality based on Merit as well as biological strengths and weaknesses. As stated above regarding “Toxic Masculinity” the same goes for direct sexism. That does not mean the traditional family setting or a focus on motherhood or the midwife / Volva mysticism is to be considered sexist.  The Sex’s are different inherently but that does not mean a female cannot be a warrior and a male cannot take care of his household chores and family matters.

Currently there is no Membership dues or broader organization outside of our online community and individual meetups of members.  Support can be shown by being active online and getting out there with other members to foster a sense of community and culture based on our ideals. In the Future there will be books and propaganda, as well as patches, T-shirts, and artistic endeavors lead by founders and members.

Banning and Membership revocation will be on a person by person basis and based on a three-strike system.