Do You even Praise the Sun?

A little meditation post Halloween regarding everyone’s favorite concept the Vampyre and the Sun. Why should a vampire fear a cross?  Is it the Christ they fear?  Or is it the Sun? 
The Sun that represents life in a stark contrast to their embodiment of death. The cross is just a holy symbol adopted by Christianity (regardless of methods of crucifixion) which represents the Sun and cycles of the Sun. If a Vampyre is of the Dead, undead, living dead. Then the Sun puts them to rest or brings life to the death. A dead body is Cold, like Winter, and a live body has warmth like Spring. The Sun brings the spring which brings life. The Solar Cross represents life. Solar worship is one of the primary means of interpreting the All or Existence and life itself. Without the Sun we would not have life or existence. Throughout Indo-European (and many other) cultures, considering the Sun as sacred or as a God that give life was a staple in spirituality. Often those who were considered Enlightened were either refereed to a shining, or illuminated as they cut through the darkness with truth. Often these teachers were depicted with halos, or sun rays. I think it is time we remembered where these symbols in our cultures come from and begin destigmatizing them. They are not political. As they have been around for ages, across many cultures. One thing that could be said as a truth Is what is in common amongst the differences. The sun is one of these truths. A quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte goes as such. “If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.” Beginning your morning, be it working out, fighting, going to work, or studying, by praising the sun. It may be a meme now due to a video game. But was that game wrong about Indo-European culture? Bro, Do you even praise the sun? 

Hail the Sun! 
–Zach Gill
Hammer and Vajra

P.S Because it has to be said. Nothing written on this page, nor images posted are related to any political movement or racism. Unfortunately, unwise and super sensitive people on Facebook reported this post (which is from Halloween 2018) because of a Swastika (Sun symbol) photo taken by myself at Herculaneum.  

The Buddha with a “halo” or the shining representation of the pure sun
 The Solar wheel. Also known as the sun cross. A holy symbol seen among many Indo-European peoples. It represents the cycle of the seasons and the solstices as well as the Sun and often the Gods themselves.
 The Sun God Ra from Egyptian Faith. While I am not an expert on Egyptian lore, so I will not expound regarding him at this moment. Notice the obvious “Halo” representation of that sun.
 The Japanese Goddess Amaterasu (天照大神). Often considered to be the main deity of Japanese Shintoism. The personification and representation of the sun itself. In this scene she emerges from the underworld (during a plight) to bring the sun back to the world.
 The Cross doing what it does best. Representing the sun.  Christian images such as this often couple the cross with the sun. They do so inherently as it is the true meaning behind the symbol.
An Ancient Roman fylfot. Holy symbol used for the sun. Not related to the National Socialist movement, but the meaning of purity, power and holiness is relevant if corrupted by current politics on BOTH sides.
Vampyre? Weakened or killed by the sun? Makes sense that magic in the form of a cross or sun symbol would weaken it.

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Understood. However, I have hundred of posts coming and a whole book dedicated to various topics like this so I felt like it was enough here. Thank you.

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