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On Varg vs STJ and Paganism Infighting

In regards to the debate between Varg and Survive the Jive as well as other theism vs agnostic or semi-atheism debates found within Paganism, I have the following thoughts. I will say as someone who believes my Gods are real, that I am a bit biased and lean towards STJ. While I like much of what Varg says and his modern antidotes, my problem with him is his focus on trying to be the Sage with all the answers. He boils everything down to science and dismisses every other interpretation, including ones that are even more scientific or meta physical, as moronic or having come from the thoughts of those with a low IQ. Furthermore, his dismissing all of our ancestors, sacrifices, or prayers into “crop planting” is demeaning and overlooks thousands of years of tradition. Giving back some of what you have been given is true but it doesn’t explain sacrifice for receiving. It doesn’t account for Odin’s example of sacrifice of oneself to improve oneself, something that is in line with Nietzsche idea of the Superman. My Gods are both external and internal. Maybe I perceive them in human form because I have a human mind. Science has yet to be able to explain ideas like the soul but they are working on it. The studies that have been done show that there is an energy that is within that fades upon death. We have an Aura and an electromagnetic force. We have a current within us. That is the Divine in our veins. The Gods are within us as we are all a part of the same existence. Von List referred to this as the Logos. While that is too Christian conceptually in my opinion. The idea of the energy that started life, the Logos, the Allfather, Trinity/Trimūrti Brahma/ Vishnu/ Shiva, Odin /Vili / Ve, Father / Mother / Son, The Maiden / Mother / Crone, a Tripartite that can be seen within our own lives and soul. This is the Divine that is existence. All Gods, Humans,and animals are like cells living within this existence or truth. Aspects of the same on different plains. The Gods live within you, as archetypes, as the human spirit, and as beings beyond us. They communication on different wavelengths or frequencies and layers or realms. We are a part of them and they are a part of us. Hail the Gods! Hail the Divine human spirit! Hail the folk! Hail our traditions!
Hammer and Vajra!
— Zach Gill

I own all of Varg’s books and see his interpretations as valid ways of viewing paganism in addition to tradition, not instead.

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