Indo-European Political

On Slavic paganism, Indo-European synchronicity, and Military Veterans.

This art is by Boris Olshansky. Who interestingly shares a name with Boris Vallejo, a famous sword and sorcery fantasy artist. Interestingly enough they share a similar theme and style, with the difference being that Olshansky embraces and promotes ethnic and historical paganism. Particularly Slavic paganism. While this is an image of Slavic Gods, they can be interpreted as the Germanic Gods as the similarities are many. You can easily see Odin, Frey, Tyr and Baldr in this photo. I am not well versed on Slavic paganism so I will not insult it by making bold assumptions. The one thing that can be said is Indo-European Paganism is very thematically, theologically, and aesthetically similar across cultures. In today’s day of globalism and Marxist multiculturalism, which actually hurts diversity, similarities that Indo-European people’s share could unify us in ways that the world orders can not control.

Concerning the image. The birth of a new life, be it God or Human, is light in the darkness. The father and mother produce life for the people and the warrior protects this home. This is how folk should work. Today is Veteran’s Day in the US. Throughout history many have served to protect those at home so that Children can be born into their own culture freely and continue to uphold their values and ideals. Free of outside influence.
Hammer and Vajra!
–Zach Gill

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