The Abrahamic God

I was having a conversation with an individual who was using the Crusader title of “Prince of Galilee” as proof that Christianity is a European religion as is the Abrahamic God….of course, I disagreed.
Here is my reply:

“I actually find this history very interesting and I thank you for sharing it. However, it doesn’t prove your point. Christianity was well established by this time and the title “price of Galilee” was a political one for strategic and political movements. It 100% is associated with the Crusades and people who were mentally and culturally subdued into thinking that way. That Zion was some holy land that resides in Jerusalem and they were to go there to conquer it in the name of God. While these men might have thought that Christianity was European at the time, they were very much of the same lied to persuasion that many of the Abrahamic faiths are now. The point is most of this is that title was one of political structure based on a religion that had already corrupted the people especially the power-hungry royalty. There is nothing about that title or anyone who claimed it that proves Christianity is actually European. Sure it might have originated in parts of Europe but it is based on alien cultures and scriptures meant for another race of people. Christianity will always have an identity crisis as it undermines and belittles the races of all men but those of Judea.”
Remember the cross is just a sun wheel, much like the Swastika, black sun, Kolovrat, Native American Medicine wheel, the rising sun of Japan, or Celtic cross as well as many others. These symbols predate Christianity as well as most Abrahamic faiths.”

That being said I do not plan on making it a habit of bashing Abrahamic beliefs on Hammer and Vajra. Not that I have any love for them. But that they are of no consequence and do not affect the path forward that has been laid before those Indo European faiths.

Remember, whatever your culture maybe, no one has a right to tell you that you are subpar to another. Embrace the Gods of your people and the your ancestral homelands.
Hail the Gods!
Hammer and Vajra!
— Zach Gill

Please note! My usage of the Swastika isn’t an endorsement for any party and isn’t meant to offend. It is purely for religions and educational purposes. Our spirituality and Indo European heritage, even the world’s heritage, is much bigger than any political ideology.

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