Veda and Edda

So I have this deep gut feeling, I might be wrong, that with the Vedas, the Eddas, and whatever the Rodnovery / Romuva, the key to the real original religion for the Indo-European and upper Indian can be found. This is what I have a distinct calling for. I feel that many people during the early 20th century up till now are seeking something like this. They erroneously go to India and seek money-grabbing Gurus and Hindus when they themselves only have watered-down versions of the original. Hammer and Vajra seek to discover this truth and present it as clearly and unadulterated as possible. There are many takes on faith, especially in this age of overpopulation, media-filled distractions, cultural decay, and digital sages all calling for violence or payments. I will say plainly there are forms of faith, cosmological, and pseudo-scientific mindsets that have been presented as the “truth” for a long time without any benefit. Adherence to these ideas might have United people in the past, as even lies must be built on the truth. But these philosophies have hurt us as much as they have advanced us. The truth there before us, within our ancestral blood, within our forefathers, within our children, and ever-present in the Cosmos. It has just been buried to keep the Cog (us) turning in the system oiled with digital, political, and sexual distractions and chemicals. It is time for the awakening before the decay results at the end of and Era. If we are to survive we will need to have enlightenment. Hammer and Vajra will be there to help bring this enlightenment about. —Zachary Gill

Hammer and Vajra!
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