Online “Trolls”

A good way to fight online trolls is to stay cool and level headed and not to troll back. Maturely continuing on without sinking to their level or getting angry. Trolling, when you think about it, has been around for thousands of years. Hel half of the debates or Flyting were just that, trolling. While it is often that they trolled back and forth for fun, it was all just a way to find a weakness within your opponent. Sure, it isn’t in person and physical, but winning in such a way was okay within the tribe as it didn’t lead to death (most of the time). If someone is not within your tribe you don’t have to take anything from them, but you also don’t get to expect them to pull their punches. In that matter like Odin says, “speak useful words or be silent.” State your case. If they are within tribe then debate or argue as having everyone in tribe on a similar page or mindset is the goal. if they are outsiders then take the higher ground and ignore them, you owe them nothing, especially not the exposing of your weak points.

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