The Sacred Cow

Aurochs and the concept of the sacred cow have been an important symbol of the Indo-European People’s. Both representing strength and resistance as well as fertility and life. Ymir nursed on Auðumbla whose sustenance allowed for the birth of the Germanic Gods. Mithra slaying the sacred cow as a symbol of sacrifice and manhood. The sacred bull / Bovine has represented many things of importance throughout our histories and is important still to this day in our every daily life through dairy and meat. Revered in India, and in Iran via Zoroastrianism. Spain still with Bull Fighting. Even in America where folk legends of Paul Bunyan and his Oxen Babe are still taught to children and the culture of Cowboys / Cowhands are the ideals of manhood and still extremely popular. So when you are out there working hard, lifting, or fighting, remember the Aurochs and do your ancestors proud by being as strong as bull! —-HAMMER AND VAJRA!

Written by Zach Gill
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