Hammer and Vajra is an Indo-European and esoteric spiritual focused project created as a guideline for those Pagans and Heathens lost in this modern world but craving the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors. Creating a Yin Yang (陰陽) dualistic balancing act of adapting to the modern while incorporating the ancient and natural, embracing the masculine while respecting the feminine. Fighting the dark while accepting its merits. Leading fulfilling lives that have communion with the Gods and our ancestral wisdom while existing in this silicone enslaved society.

At Hammer and Vajra we acknowledge that enlightenment isn’t for the weak. It isn’t for the weak of mind, the weak of spirit, nor the weak of body. No enlightenment is forged without blood, meditations on spiritual esoteric concepts that will leave you dumbfounded, and a strive for life.
We are Hammer and Vajra. Men and Women tempered with the Hammer of the Gods into the Diamond like Vajra to pierce through the lies and embrace our true potential. —Zach Gill, Hammer and Vajra!

Praise the Gods!

Revere your ancestors!

Build your future!

Our Statement of purpose and Rules are listed in our Ethos document linked below.

Link to the Hammer and Vajra book can be found here.